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About Us

Accy Carpet Cleaning is one of the world’s leading carpet cleaners, and with good reason. With a professional staff, we also use advanced and innovative cleaning equipment and products to provide the most effective carpet cleaning solutions in commercial locations.

We provide carpet cleaning services in the local area, as well as other major industrial carpet manufacturers – in cities around the UK. When it comes to providing the best carpet cleaning services and more, Accy Carpet Cleaning are the one to call.

We also offer services in upgrading hardwood floors to look new, and we also have the ability to restore water – damaged carpets after a burst pipe or flood.

When your carpet gets dirty, our knowledgeable staff use a variety of effective techniques to make it look as good as possible. If you need regular carpet cleaning or even help with water damage remediation, our carpet cleaning team will cover you.

Our professionals also offer a wide range of different cleaning products for your carpet cleaning. Choose a deodoriser with a stain-resistant protective layer to make your carpets look plush and fresh. Choose a deodoriser with a stain-resistant layer to keep your carpet clean. Choose a deodorant with a stain-resistant protective coating to hold Your carpets to look plush, feel fresh and clean.

Remember that Accy Carpet Cleaning is a good choice when it comes to the best surface for cleaning your carpet, as it is high quality, inexpensive and clean.

For better results, you can also use a high-quality steam cleaning service such as Accy Carpet Cleaning, which is very effective and saves up to 80% water compared to a typical steam cleaning service. You can use it in combination with other cleaning products, such as a spray-on a sprayer or even an air dryer.

Carpet cleaning can be completed by spraying with hot water or using a special cleaning solution with six blasting bars on the carpet. Specialists remove all leftover cleansing shampoos and much of the moisture, so your carpet smells clean, soft and fresh. You can also spray your carpets beforehand to remove dirt and dust and vacuum them to remove any leftover dirty water from the clean solution.

Once your carpet is clean, you can dry and moisturise it to ensure that no mould or mould remains, and apply stain protection to keep your rugs in top shape. We are here to help you keep the carpet clean and stain-free and extend its life span over years. Whether you are a business owner who needs a regular commercial carpet cleaning service for your business or office in the town, or a homeowner who tries to keep their carpet allergen and pet food free, we are here for you. As children are coming in and out all the time, I understand the need, so we are here to keep our carpet in tip-top shape!

Accy Carpet Cleaning provides three additional optional services to remove stains and odours and protect your cleaned carpet. We offer services for cleaning upholstery and also offer stain protection to protect carpets and rugs from stains in the future. You will also be offered a full range of services to clean and protect your carpet from stains. We also offer the possibility to apply a “carpet protection agent” after cleaning the carpet, to clean it properly and to breathe more life into future dirt and stains!

This equipment provides up to 400 pounds of pressure to ensure thorough cleaning that reaches even the deepest fibres of your carpet. Carpet protectors are available and carpet decoration is available, so you can check the dirt-repellent of the carpet and its ability to ward off dirt so your rugs can stay clean longer.

You can rely on us to be on time, respect your property and ensure that every inch of carpet is cleaned before you leave. Your carpet will be completely dry by the time you arrive, so you can continue your work in a commercial location without any inconvenience.

Compared to other carpet cleaning services such as carpet cleaners, your carpet should be dry within a few hours of cleaning, compared to up to one or two days after cleaning with a home cleaning service.

In addition to excellent customer service, you can rely on our carpet cleaning team to do the right job. We can count on meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations, and we will not forget you if you do.

Accy Carpet Cleaning knows what it takes to protect and maintain commercial carpets. Our friendly, professionally trained technicians know that getting ready to clean your carpet is a big deal, and we are here to help. They pride themselves on providing superior, healthy results for your family at home. Generations of carpet cleaning take care of all your home cleaning needs for you, regardless of your size, shape, colour or size of the rug.

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